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You Won’t Believe Why This Woman Had Over 200 Stones Removed

Everyone knows how tempting it is most mornings to hit the snooze button on the alarm.

"Just ten more minutes", you tell yourself, but ten minutes turns into half an hour and then you have to rush around like a mad man so that you're not extremely late for work.

And of course you end up having to skip things, like eating breakfast, in order to save yourself a bit of time. But if you do this on a regular basis, you could be in for some SERIOUS health problems!

Take for example a woman in China who just last week had to have surgery to remove 200 STONES from her gallbladder and liver.

And how did they get there? Surgeons believe it was because she was skipping brekkie for more than a decade.

The surgery which took place at the Guangji Hospital in Hezhou and lasted six and a half hours, led to the discovery of the stones, some of which were as large as eggs!

The 45-year-old patient, Ms Chen, had been experiencing serious abdominal pain, which doctors believe was due to eating at irregular hours and skipping meals.

It's believed that Ms Chen had been advised years earlier to undergo surgery, however, she put up with the pain in her stomach for almost 10 years because she was too scared!

However, she was forced to get the surgery last week when the pain became unbearable.

Dr Quan Xuwei, who was one of the surgeons involved in the operation, says that heavy dieting and weight loss-surgery as well as skipping meals like breakfast can lead to the development of gallstones.

The reason being that the gallbladder decreases in size when breakfast is not eaten, which can cause bile to build up in the area and can develop high cholesterol and calcium levels.

However, Dr George Webster, the vice president of the British Society of Gastroenterology, has chimed in saying that this reasoning is not scientifically proven and the cause of stones in the gallbladder is usually unknown.

But, I think that I'll think twice next time I run out of time for breakfast...I guess it really is the most important meal of the day.

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