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Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste Could Be F*cking With The Pill

Before every celebrity, influencer and their mother was trying to sell us stick-on, push-up bras, the social media trend was whitening charcoal toothpaste.

And it's not just being sprinkled in your dental products either; ice-cream, burger buns and even fish and chips have been given the activated charcoal treatment because everyone loves a good fad!

Unfortunately the reason why charcoal may be so beneficial to your overall health could also be the reason you're putting it at risk.

The substance is a synthetic form of carbon and has been used in the past as a nifty antidote to poison because of its fantastic ability to bind all of the stuff in your stomach together and prevent it from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

But a petition called "Food with Activated Charcoal Can Make Birth Control Less Effective: Add A Warning Label" has pointed out that that also applies to medications people may need daily - like, for example, the contraceptive pill.

"That black ice-cream cone looks totally hardcore and goth and tasty right?" the petition creator Julie says. "The treat gets its colour from activated charcoal, a new trend that's cropping up in various food and beverages, like lattes and detoxifying lemonade.

"But activated charcoal can actually make your birth control and other prescription medicines less effective.

"In the interest of informed consent, ice-cream shops should let their customers know the risk."

And her claims are legitimate, too; Brendan Stamper, an associate professor at Pacific University's School of Pharmacy told the Daily Dot that activated charcoal "can influence how we respond to a given drug or chemical."

You would have to be consuming activated charcoal on the regular for it to become a serious issue, but it's definitely something to keep in mind next time you're reaching for the black stuff.

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