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You Can Now Buy Flushable Pregnancy Tests

By Isabella Lovric

Taking a pregnancy test can be nerve-wracking enough without the fear of somebody finding the test.

Bethany Edwards and Anna Simpson have invented a more sustainable and private way for women to find out if they’re pregnant. 

Lia is ultra-slim and ultra-discreet. Because testing is your business.

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Their new pregnancy test invention will surely take over the ancient white stick.

You can flush it straight down the loo without your roommates, parents or in-laws finding out. 

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Their company is called Meet Lia and they are set to launch their new pregnancy tests mid-year!

How does it work though?

Well, Lia repels water long enough to take the test, then breaks down like 3-ply toilet paper when flushed.


(Image: Meet Lia Website)


It is environmentally friendly!

Unlike the infamous white stick, it won’t add two-million pounds of plastic to landfills every year.

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