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Woman Is Suing Fitness Star Ashy Bines For $150,000

Ashy Bines is a well known Aussie fitness guru with an insane social media following and an endless number of programs out there to help women look and feel their best.

And if her Squad's transformation shots that are all over her socials are anything to go by, she's one of the few out there with fitness advice that actually works.

For years, people have been copying her workout programs, recipes, and even her styling choices, but now it seems that one woman has accused Ashy of copying her and now she's threatening to take her to court over it.

Alexandria Dodds is claiming that Ashy copied recipes from her blog and used them in a recipe book without crediting her.

Ms Dodds, an avid home cook, alleges that she created a food blog with all of her favourite recipes that she says she designed herself back in 2012. She claims that a few months after posting the recipes online, they also appeared in an e-book by Ashy Bines.

"I couldn't believe a woman that claims to be empowering other women could do something like this," Dodds said.

"I'm all for making an honest name for yourself and young women succeeding in business, I'm just not sure that Ashy understands the impact it has."

After the allegations were made a year ago, Ashy came forward and addressed the plagiarism issue on her YouTube channel, saying that she was "too naive to think I wouldn't have to check the origins of each recipe".

But Dodds wasn't satisfied with this response.

"Unfortunately, I felt [Bines] was sorry for getting caught, not so much for what she had done as she then shifted the blame to an 'outsourced nutritionist' and then goes on to sell a new edition of the book," she commented on the YouTube video.

And now a year on since the issue came to light, Alexandra is attempting to raise money on a crowdfunding site to help sue Bines for a whopping $150,000.

"There are more proceedings and I have to lodge documents with the court," said Alexandra. "I don't have the backing she has...and I am just an everyday, average person going up against a big company."

Bines is internationally well known in the fitness industry for her Bikini Body programs, her Squad fitness tours, her RAW reality show and most recently her Toned by Ashy Bines fitness clothing brand. 

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