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We Just Found Out What Ray-Ban Means & Now We Feel Silly

You know when you hear something that's so obvious and so simple that you can't quite forgive yourself for never having realised it before?

Well that's exactly how we feel about our most recent discovery: The meaning behind Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The brand's now-iconic Aviator design first hit the market in 1937 after a pilot asked American company Bausch & Lomb to help him keep the sunlight out of his eyes while he was flying.

The end result was so popular that they were rolled out across the whole army because, wait for it, they completely banned the sun's rays.

Get it? Ray... ban?

Also, they look damn good and you feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun every single time you put them on.


Shout out to Cosmopolitan UK for putting the time in to figure this one out.

You're the real MVPs here.

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