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The Secret To Your Perfect Nude Lip Colour Is In Your Bra

Forget all those colour-matching apps and expensive expert consults, because the secret to picking your perfect lippie is actually in your bra.

According to Doctors - no, we don't know why they were discussing it either - the hue of your nipples will provide the most flattering shade for you.

And it makes sense; it's natural and you were literally born to wear it.

Go on, have a look. Pretty, right?

We're not sure how exactly you're supposed to go about lipstick shopping with this news, though; we can't imagine Priceline employees being too happy about you holding tester tubes down your top.

Other anecdotal evidence suggests that the colour of your labia can also provide you with a lipstick shade that will make you "more sexually desirable", if that's your thing.

Or, you know, you can just buy yourself a Kylie Lip Kit and be done with it.

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