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The One Picture That'll Determine Whether You Need Glasses

Forget about going to the optician; a group of students in the US have put their sky-high IQs together and designed an optical illusion that doubles as a test to determine whether or not you could do with a pair of specs.

It seems simple enough and it's obviously not a COMPLETE indicator of what's going on with your eyes, but if, from about a foot away, you can see Marilyn Monroe, it's time to get yourself some glasses.


If you see Albert Einstein, though, you can take pride in your vision.

"Depending on how well you're able to focus or pick up contrast, your eye will only pick out details," ASAP Science explained. "Up close, we're generally able to pick up fine details like Einstein's moustache and wrinkles.

"But as the distance increases, or if your vision is poor and creates a more blurred image in the first place, your ability to pick up details fades away."

Not to brag or anything, but we can totally see Albert Einstein...

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