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The iPhone X’s Front Camera Is So Good It’s Ruining People’s

It’s taken some years to get to this point, but front-facing cameras in smartphones are becoming so high-tech that people are becoming self-conscious. 

The iPhone X has caused quite a stir among Apple fans. A quick glance at any social media search shows that there are some people who aren't major fans…

But many more are obsessed with the quality of the selfies they are capturing.

The TrueDepth camera is 7 megapixels. That doesn’t sound that impressive, but once paired with the phone’s powerful processor, it’s definitely capable of producing some impressive shots.

As with any Apple product, it comes with quite a price tag. The 64GB unit costs $1,579, while the 256GB unit sets you back a whopping $1,829!

These selfies sure are amazing though. It’s almost worth the insane price! 

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