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The Incredible Reason Men Are Shaving Off Half Their Beards

You may or may not have seen photos on your social media of men with their beards half shaved off. I’ll say you may have noticed it, because it’s very hard not to notice!

Basically, the sight of men with half their beards shaved off isn’t an unsightly error, or the result of getting board half way through a shave - they’re trying to make a point, to get and keep your attention for a very important reason.

It’s all because BeardsOn for Conservation, an Australian charity, is calling on men to grow a beard and then cut half of it off to raise awareness about worldwide deforestation.

"We're Movember for the environment," James Stanton-Cooke, 30, founder of BeardsOn, told Fairfax Media.


Participants grow their beards over the course of 90 days and will then go "half-cut" on August 31 to represent the 48 per cent of the world's forests that have been destroyed.

"Every $2 dollars we raise plants a tree, we've already raised about $35,000 so that's 17,000 trees this year. Our aim is 70,000 trees." 

At the end of the fundraising season this year, James and about "40 lunatics" will walk the streets of Sydney with their half-beards.

"People always come up to us and ask us what's this about, often they're really interested in becoming involved when they hear what we have to say."

BeardsOn for Conservation aim to have planted 40 million trees by 2040.

And isn’t that worth a few weird looks?

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