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SIX Guests Arrive At A Friend’s Wedding In The SAME DRESS

A photo is currently doing the rounds online, and though it may look normal at first, the story behind it is anything but ordinary.

Basically, a photo in which a bride looks to be standing flanked by her bridesmaids, is not what it seems.

The six women, photographed in matching dresses didn’t organise to arrive at the wedding in the same frock, but were shocked when fellow guests continued to arrive to the Sydney nuptials in the exact same dress.

Unable to hide their laughter, they obviously assembled for a ‘bridesmaid-style’ photo with the bride.


Debbie, one of the women in the navy lace dress from Forever New, explained it all.

‘A cousin came up to me when I first got to the reception, and said ‘Oh my God we’re both wearing the same dress and we peed ourselves laughing.

‘Then as the guests all started coming in we were like, ‘and there’s another one… and there’s another one… hahaha and we all had a really good laugh about it.


Forever New dress

‘Then we got the photo taken, and I posted it on the Forever New Facebook page as tongue-in-chic and then BANG, we’ve had media requests from all over the world.’


Portmans dress

However, the interesting thing is that not ALL of the dresses are from Forever New; four are - but two were from Portmans and were SO similar, everyone was certain they were the same dress.

Source: Daily Mail

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