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Blow Dryer That You Stick Your Hair INSIDE To Dry

Do you remember when that new curling wand came along that everyone was obsessed with, except it wasn’t really a wand because it would suck your hair up inside it to curl it?

Yeah well, I literally remember having nightmares about those…you know to do with my hair burning to a crisp and falling off or becoming so entangled that I had to chop it off…normal stuff.

Anyway, it appears that a new hair appliance has just hit the market and it is giving me mixed emotions in a very similar way (burning hair flashbacks!!)

It’s called the Revlon Salon 360 Surround AC Styler, and what makes it so special/scary? Well, you literally have to stick your hair INSIDE the machine to dry it!

That’s right, the technique of blowing your hair out by aiming down at your locks is old news, because this new hair dryer, that features a dual sided design, locks the heat in completely around your hair.

In a way, it works exactly like a straightener, as it clips around sections of your hair and glides up and down (does anyone else remember being told NOT to straighten on wet hair…?).

BUT, on the plus side it is said to dry up to 70% more of your head of hair and do it 60% faster than any normal hair dryer.

It also comes with a nozzle attachment that lets you blow-dry your hair the typical way for those hard to reach places.

The Revlon Salon 360 Surround AC Styler retails at around $76. Are you game to try it?

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