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The Internet Reckons They've Found The Answer To Cure Skin

When it comes to finding the most effective way to getting rid of an acne breakout, we've pretty much tried everything out there, and no not all of the methods have worked.

That charcoal blackhead removal mask turned out to be more painful than effective and putting toothpaste on each blemish doesn't make them magically disappear.

But this doesn't mean that we're not open to trying the latest trends out there until we find that one method that is a miracle worker.

Well apparently, some Reddit users have claimed that they have found the answer to clear skin, and it all comes down to a product you probably have lying around in the back of your bathroom cupboard, Vaseline.

Okay, we were as confused as you probably are now, at first. Of course you would think that a jar of petroleum gel would make your skin super oily, and therefore lead to more breakouts...

But a Reddit thread known as "slug life" has posted numerous reviews praising Vaseline for clearing their breakouts!

One user wrote, "I have the most sensitive skin ever. I get breakouts from EVERYTHING. Everything that is except petroleum jelly. Sh*t is magic. I don't want to make an unsubstantiated claim, but I swear that it indirectly helps acne.

"My breakout areas are way less inflamed in the morning if I wear a mask of petroleum jelly on my face at night."

Another user also praised the method saying, "I am still clearing up my current ovulation break out but the Vaseline has been a dream."

But of course not everyone thinks this is a wondrous breakthrough for our breakouts. In fact medical dermatologist Dr Rita Gupta has said that we should definitely NOT be caking our face is Vaso.

"Vaseline is too occlusive and is comedogenic (i.e. it will clog your pores). It can make acne worse."

Apparently we should instead be using a good moisturiser everyday to help draw water back into our skin and keep it hydrated without clogging it up.

But everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to certain I guess there's no harm in giving it a go! You never know, Vaseline may be the answer to your pimple nightmares.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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