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Mum Posts Photo Of C-Section Scar To Prove Powerful Point

After nine months of carrying a child, how a mother should or shouldn’t give birth to her baby is something that could do without unwanted comments from onlookers. Often the decision comes down to medical reasons.

Australia has one of the highest rates of caesarean births in the world. Too many of these mums who have given birth through c-section find that they are met with judgemental comments about ‘taking the easy way out’ or similar.  

Simply because they didn’t push their child out the "natural way".


One mum, Jodie Shaw, experienced just that and has taken to social media to blast those who talk about caesareans as if they’re as minor as a paper cut.

Jodie posted a raw photo of her c-section scar on the Facebook groupBirth With Out Fear’ with an open letter on why having a caesarean section is not the easy option.

The post reads:

 "A new day and a what seems to be another new post from someone insinuating that giving birth by cesarean means that you didn't give birth.

Can we please just stop!

I obviously can't change people's views but I've decided to post this picture to see if it may make people understand that despite what our birth plans might say. Sometimes we don't get a choice. I didn't get a choice. 
I had a fibroid the size of a melon sat on my cervix and a low lying placenta which meant that I've been left with no ordinary csection scar. But whether you believe this or not. I gave birth to my baby. .

So next time you judge someone for not doing what you consider to be "giving birth" please take a minute to think about why they may have had to deliver that way. Think about the fact that given the choice they probably wouldn't of chosen this but had no choice. Why would you choose a major operation and 6 weeks of recovery?

This scar saved me from losing a life threatening amount of blood and meant my baby was brought into this world as she should be. Healthy and unharmed, as was I." 

The picture was taken one day after surgery and has since gone viral.


(Image: Jodie Shaw)

Jodie had no idea that her honesty, powerful message would have the impact that it has. The Facebook post has since been flooded with messages of support from fellow mothers. 

we want to know your story! Have you ever been criticised for giving birth by cesarean? Tell us in the comments section below...

Source: Cosmopolitan

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