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MAC Are Giving Away FREE Lipsticks Tomorrow, Australia!

Sound the beauty klaxons, Australia, because MAC are giving away FREE lipsticks this weekend in celebration of National Lipstick Day!

The legendary cosmetics company is bestowing the gift of luscious lips upon us all on Saturday July 29 with literally no catch whatsoever.

That's right, no catch. You won't have to spend a hectic amount of money on other products, it won't be a baby-sized version of the regular lippies and it won't be in a putrid shade you'll never wear.

Nope, all you have to do is rock up to your nearest MAC or David Jones store - or some participating Myer stores, if you're lucky - and follow the MAC Australia Instagram account.

Once you can prove you're a bona fide fan you'll be handed a MAC Lip Bullet and your Saturday will be infinitely better.

As is usually the case, shades will vary and it's all while stocks last so you should probably pop down sooner rather than later.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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