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8 Christmas Gifts That Will Make ANYONE Smile

Every Christmas I swear I’m going to get ahead and make sure I don’t leave my gifting until the last minute - and every year I mess it up.

However, I feel as though the way to redeem myself is to provide the public with the insights I’ve collected as a result of my stress to get my s&$% together!

They say the perfect gift is hard to come by, they’ve obviously never met me.

No matter who you’re buying for - one of these gifts is GUARANTEED to impress.

If you were paying something to read this, I’d even go as far as to give you a money back guarantee - but you’re just going to have to trust me.


Something for the person who deserves to be pampered… A Best Spas Gift Card

With the option to redeem it at over +250 spas, salons and wellness retreats around Australia, the person you love can head somewhere like the luxurious Langham Spa, or get away to a wellness retreat with your help.

Pick up yours at Woolworths, Coles and selected Australia Post outlets.


Something for the person obsessed with tanning… ANTHEIA Express Fake Tan Remover

It may seem a little extreme, but everyone has a friend/niece/sister/daughter who just CANNOT put the fake tan down - and is often spotted looking like they have some sort of patchy skin condition. Likewise, you may have someone who hates the leprosy look and sticks to tanning in the sun, which is COMPLETELY unsafe - in any capacity. With ANTHEIA, the lucky recipient can indulge in fake tan to their hearts desire, without fear of the oompa loompa look hanging around. It works in just two steps and means no more patches or tan hands!

$55 from


Something for the person who loves gadgets… Batman: Arkham Night Playstation Bundle

Not only is it, you know - a PLAYSTATION - it’s also Batman-themed, with Batman ON THE FRONT. You actually can’t go wrong!

$499 at EB Games


Something for the person who has everything… Bockers and Pony Can’t Smash This

Seriously, this is fun and delicious all at the same time. For anyone who loves chocolate, they’ll pretty much cry when they see this. You get a HUGE 1kg block of Kennedy and Wilson milk chocolate, accompanied by a chocolate-smashing hammer. This way, you can release any built-up stress and break the block into smaller pieces to share! Woo!!

Available for $89 at


Something for a every mum out there… Moochies

Every mum - or parent for that matter - will be able to put their mind at ease if their child has one of these. Designed for kids aged 3-12, these brilliant watches allow kids to call their parents at any time by pre-setting two phone numbers to the watch. Parents can also call their kids by approving numbers that the watch can receive calls from using their connecting app. Perfect if you’re not quite ready to give your child their first phone but want to be able to reach them!

$119.99 available at


Something for the make-up enthusiast… Nudestix

New to Sephora, Nudestix are the ULTIMATE new brand for beauty enthusiasts to get acquainted with. The Touch’N’go make-up ‘stix’ are designed for skin, eyes, lips and cheeks and are seriously dreamy to work with. From the perfect concealer, to the prettiest lip shades and best creamy shadows - you are SET!

Get yours from, starting at just $31.


Something for the person who wants something special… A personalised phone cover

Ever wanted your own personalised phone cover that suits your personality? Now you can have it, or someone you care for can! From tropical designs, to pretty flamingoes and preppy logos, you can find the PERFECT cover to suit anyone - and get their name printed on it so there’s never any confusion!

From $55 at


Something for the person who loves to indulge… An AMAZING food hamper

If you’re wanting to gift someone something impressive, you can’t go past a hamper that has items people ACTUALLY want. Forget what you know about old school hampers that carry jam you’ll never use and gingerbread that looks as though it’s straight from the back of grandma’s pantry. These hampers have amazing wines, the most delectable cheeses and accompaniments that will DEFINITELY impress!

From $85 from

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