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Giant rocket model touches down in Melbourne

Move over Houston, Melbourne has joined the space race, playing host to a giant Lego rocket.

The mighty 7.5-metre model, based on NASA's SLS rocket, comprises more than 450,000 individual bricks and is set to be revealed to Victorians on Wednesday as the Brickman Awesome exhibition blasts off in Melbourne.


The tallest Lego model in the southern hemisphere, along with 38 other models, is destined to captivate starry-eyed brickheads.

The Melbourne Museum Plaza exhibition, the work of Lego architect Ryan "The Brickman" McNaught, took more than 5000 hours and two million bricks to put together.

Also among the exhibits and making its debut in Melbourne will be an all-brick, eighth-generation Toyota Camry, weighing more than a tonne.

"(Melburnians) will be the first in the world to see my brand new Lego creation - a life-sized Toyota Camry," the self-admitted car fanatic said in a statement on Tuesday.

To further satisfy fellow rev-heads, McNaught's full-scale Harley Davidson and Lego Caterpillar 797 dump truck, the largest of its kind, will be also be showcased.

Visitors can also partake in a piece of history, adding bricks to the belly of a giant snake to clinch an Australian record for the longest Lego model.


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