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Yowies Are FINALLY Making Their Comeback To Aussie Shelves

All the 90's kids out there, can we please get your attention for one moment...


For all those who weren't lucky enough to try one of these treats when they were little (literally feel so sorry for you) they are pretty much the cooler version of a Kinder Surprise.

It's been a long and hard 12 years since we've been able to get our hands on one of these chocolates here down under,but just last week they we re-released in supermarkets and toy stores nationwide!

Following three years of success in the US, Yowie has said that moving back to the Australian market was the next logical step for the company and they confirmed a partnership with an Aussie distributor back in February.

"Australia was a logical choice to begin our expansion outside of the US because of strong residual brand awareness and affinity for the product," said Bert Alfonso, the Chief Executive Officer of Yowie.

That's basically just a professional way of saying that us Aussie's were OBSESSED with these products and we're not even ashamed to admit that we collected their merchandise like there was no tomorrow.

Author Geoff Pike was the mastermind behind the yowie Kingdom and he took inspiration from the Australian outback and Aboriginal legends when he developed it, resulting in nearly ten years of success in books, games, clothing and of course the delicious choccy monsters.

But it's alleged that a disagreement between Cadbury and Pike resulted in the brand being pulled back in 2005 before they made their mark in the American market in 2014.

Welcome back to the Aussie family Yowie!! BRB while we head down to the local supermarket to grab one now..

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