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You Won't Believe Which Two Yummy Aussie Faves Have Merged

Today marks a momentous day for the nation, with two Aussie faves announcing they're set to join forces for a very delicious combination. 

Streets Ice Cream have today confirmed the Golden Gaytime and Cornetto will be joining together to create the ultimate ice cream love child. And we can't wait to try it! DROOOLLLL.

And what does one call a Cornetto filled with Golden Gaytime - besides DELICIOUS?... That's right - A Golden Gaynetto of course! 

The crunchy wafer Gaynetto cone will be filled with a delicious toffee and vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with famous Gaytime biscuit crumbs. YUM! 

Source: Streets

It's hard to believe the Golden Gaytime has been around since 1959. Although the taste has remained the same, just last year we were spoiled when Streets released tubs of Golden Gaytime ice cream. That was an extremely dangerous time for many.

Now the Golden Gaytime has left the stick and tub to take up residence in a classic Cornetto cone. 

Streets Senior Brand Manager, Scott Mingl says the idea stemmed from customer demand.  

"Streets have received letter out of Gaytime crumbs, petitions and social media requests. Everyone wants more Gaytimes and we've listened," he said.  

The Golden Gaynetto's will be on sale nationwide from Tuesday the 6th of September. We for one can't wait to get ours hands on one of these!

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