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There's An Actual Job That Involves Eating Tim Tams All Day

Update your resumes, people, because the world's greatest job DOES exist and you're going to want in.

Amy Portelli, from Canley Heights, Sydney, has the boast-worthy role of Tim Tam baker at the Arnotts factory - which means she literally gets paid to eat Tim Tams.

"I love them so much, when I start eating them I can't stop," Amy told The Fairfield Advance.


Same, Amy. Same.

The 23-year baking veteran went on to explain that she's required to taste-test the bikkies every half-hour for "quality control".

"Every operator has to check the quality of the biscuit to make sure the crunch of the biscuit is right, that there aren't any missing in the packet... yes we get to eat them whenever we want," Amy continued. 

"They are very strict because it's important to keep Tim Tams popular."

She added: "I always eat the whole packet if it's Black Forest."

And there's plenty to nibble on; the Huntingwood bakery in western Sydney produces a whopping 3,000 Tim Tams PER MINUTE, and gets through 20 tonnes of that tasty-as cream filling and 27 tonnes of chocolate coating a day.

Yes, heaven does exist, and it's right here in Sydney.


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