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Wine Infused With Cold Brew Coffee Is Now A Thing

Forget the notes of plum and citrus in your next drop. 

Apothic Wine is releasing a limited edition red wine infused with coffee and this is DEFINITELY something we can get around. 

Set for launch on April 1st, the interesting flavour combination will no doubt tease and tantalise. 

"We've always sought to break the mold to bring our fans products we know they will love," Christine Jagher, Apothic's Director of Marketing, said.

"Apothic Brew is a game changer that offers the best of both worlds – cold brew and wine – and I can't wait for people to try it."

If you're worried drinking that much caffeine on your night out or over dinner will have you wired before bed, you needn't worry. 

The actual amount of caffeine in the product is minimal. It is more about the flavour profile. 

The wine also has notes of red fruit and toasted oak. 

We hope we can get our hands on some before it all sells out! 

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