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Why Drink Rosé When You Can Eat It?!

Let them eat cake! Marie Antoinette would probably have loved this beautiful jelly cake made with Rosé wine – it was famously the French who started the Rosé trend, and tend to sip it in the summer.

After last summer’s frosé craze, award-winning Hunter Valley winemaker Gwyn Olsen believes a Rosélly – a Rosé jelly cake – will be the new, quirky way to enjoy the pink wine this summer.

“It’s easy to make, looks incredible and you can mix it with your favourite fruits. Serve chilled, and it will be the perfect cake to enjoy on a summer picnic,” she said.

You can rely on a winemaker to know a clever hack or two when it comes to their product, and this one is a piece of cake to make!

• Approximately 1000ml of fruity Rosé, such as Gwyn’s Hunter Collective Olsen Rosé (adjust according to the size of your bundt pan)
• 3 tsp gelatine powder or 9 gelatine leaves
• 50g sugar (per 1000ml of Rosé)
• Berries or fruits of your choice – with this particular Rosé, strawberries work brilliantly

Step 1. Combine gelatine powder with 1/4 of the Rosé in a bowl and mix well.
Step 2. Heat the remaining Rosé and 50g of sugar until hot –don’t let it simmer or boil (you don’t want the alcohol to evaporate or flavours of the Rosé
Step 3. Pour hot Rosé into cold Rosé/gelatine mixture. Stir until gelatine powder has dissolved.
Step 4. Let Rosé cool (to about room temperature). In the meanwhile, chop strawberries and add berries to the base of the bundt pan.
5. Cover bundt with jelly mixture. Allow to set overnight in the fridge.
Step 5. Dip mould in hot water for five seconds (don’t let water get into the cake). Carefully flip the bundt onto a serving plate, and tada – Rosélly cake.

Enjoy with a handful of fresh berries and a glass of Rosé!

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