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This Isn't a New KitKat But Holy Heck It Totally Should Be

When we saw this picture posted to Reddit by@OddlyCalmOrca, not lying, we thought this was a legit new KitKat.

I mean, having produced more than 200 flavours, including the Japanese-inspired ginger ale, soy sauce and sake, KitKat are renowned for switching it up.

Disappointingly, it wasn't a delicious, wonderful new product... instead it was a beautiful oddity.



"That bar wasn't just chocolate, it was discovery, surprise, just straight up wonder dude," wrote another Redditor.

The thing is, KitKats are predominately made up of three things: chocolate, wafer and THE OTHER CHOCOLATE.

The stuff between the wafers is slightly lighter in colour, and has a much more crumbly texture than the harder chocolate on the outside. That's because it's not actually chocolate... it's MASHED UP KITKATS.

Just think, some poor kid somewhere got a pure wafer KitKat.

But seriously, we're so ready for this.

Your move, Nestlé.

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