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This Is The Greatest Food Invention EVER And It's In Melbs

This is the end of trying to eat healthy as we know it.

The humble toastie is being modernised.

It's thanks to Frank Rusitoski and Dean Trpeski as they have set up a drive through container, dedicated to delivering you toasties.

The cafe which opened on Monday, also has the the best name in Melbourne, Cheese and bread.

The concept is basically sangas and speciality coffee and the menu is simple. They have;

Bert and Ernie
Roast beef, caramelised onions, spinach and house blend cheese

Batman and Robin
American wagyu patty, crispy beef strip and house blend cheese

Mario and Luigi
Pesto, roma tomatoes and house blend cheese.

AND sweet sandwiches!

Winnie and Tigger
Nutella, house blend cheese and sprinkles.

This is the greatest thing EVER.

Cheese and Bread is open weekdays from 6am to early afternoon at the Preston Food Truck Park, 518 High Street!

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