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One Aisle To ALWAYS Avoid At The Supermarket To Save Money

When it comes to saving money, the grocery bill is a good place to start for most families.

Did you know, there is one tip to learn that could end up saving you between $1200-$2000 a year? It’s all to do with products that are on special.

Sure, one of the best tricks out there is to stock up on essentials, like washing powder, toilet paper, or meat when they’re discounted.

Where people are going WRONG, is purchasing items they wouldn’t ordinarily buy - and probably don’t need - just because they’re on special.

mySavvy Shopper revealed that supermarkets are often marking non-essential items, in a bid to tempt us - and it works.

Its survey of 1000 Australian shoppers revealed that 60 per cent bought at least one item they hadn’t planned on buying on their last shop, taking home an average of five extra products on each trip to the supermarket — adding $23.70 to their weekly bill, a total of more than $1200 a year.

mySavvy Shopping manager David Myles said it was a good idea to skip the confectionary aisle for that very reason.

“Buying certain products such as confectionery may just mean the household will consume it quicker, so it’s not going to be good for your budget in the long run,” Mr Myles said.

Products worth snapping up were those that would not be tempting to gorge on, he said, listing basic essentials like tinned tomatoes, bread (which can go in the freezer), frozen food, detergents and toothpaste.

And it could be worth switching brands from week to week, in order to maximise savings, he said, while “split shopping”, or going to multiple supermarkets to take advantage of deals on different products, could also add extra savings.


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