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The Force Is Strong With Coles' EPIC Mandarin Display

We could say the obvious ‘The Force is strong with this one’ or some other Star Wars pun.

But really, we’re just disappointed that this fully awesome display of imperial mandarins is in a Coles somewhere in Brisbane and not rolled out nationally.

The pic was posted to Coles’ Facebook page with the caption: “Hi Coles, just letting you know your produce manager at Rode Rd (Stafford Heights, QLD) needs a pay rise!”


By Friday, it had attracted almost 20,000 likes, 2,200 comments and almost 2,500 shares.

‘The Imperial Is Back’ display features $2.50kg imperial mandarins flanked by a couple of Star Wars Stormtroopers, which are overlooked by a big balloon of super villain, Darth Vader.

Not that anyone likes to explain jokes, but the cleverness here is that Darth Vader is also known as the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces. Yep, it’s a good one. Even the display’s font is on-point.

Your move, Woolies.


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