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Streets Are Bringing Back A Classic Paddle Pop Flavour

Streets are at it again, answering the wishes of Paddle Pop fans nationwide with their ultimate blast from the past line-up.

First they brought back Bionic Bubble Gum flavour and now it seems that another iconic flavour is coming back to the shelves after they received a lot of requests for it's return.

And the flavour in question? Good old Vanilla!

Scott Mingl, Marketing Manager at Streets Ice Cream said, "We can't wait for Aussies to get a hold of the latest classic flavour and enjoy it once again."

The vanilla pops can be found exclusively in Woolworths stores nationwide, BUT we are being told not to wait too long to get our hands on one because they're only available for a limited time!

We're loving the return of these old-school flavours! What one will be next?

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