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Melbourne Is Getting A Chicken Nugget Festival

We love a good food truck festival, but HOLY SHIT this one takes the absolute cake.

Melbourne, we are getting an actual CHICKEN NUGGET festival and we have lost all chill!!


Hosted at the Welcome To Thornbury pub, which is a permanent bar and food truck set up in Northcote, The Chicken Nugget Festival is arriving for the first ever nug-lover's paradise.

The festival is dedicated to everything chicken nugget related, including an amazing range of dipping sauces (that's right peeps there's a whole world outside of sweet and sour).

The nuggets will come in traditional style, extra spicy and even, wait for it...A NUGGET BURGER! We have actual heart palpitations...

The food trucks rocking up to the place we can only describe as Heaven include Hot Star Melbourne, Roadrunner Friend Chicken, Miss Katie's Chicken Shack, The Real Jerk Food Truck, Gorilla Grill and Mr Burger.

And if you haven't already fallen over from shock by this amazing event, you had better sit down for this one...Thornbury is also promising a dessert nugget!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL NUG LOVERS! The festival takes place on 11th November at 11am and is completely free entry. Mark your diaries, and get ready to run, not walk.

Our bodies are ready...

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