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Someone Has Literally Created Gin-Flavoured Cheese

The fact that alcohol and cheese just fit together so perfectly is definitely no secret. After all, why else would they offer you cheese platters when you go for a wine tasting?

But one cheese and alcohol lover has taken this idea to the next level and they have created something beyond anything that we could have ever imagined....


And hooley dooley, I don't think I've ever heard of a snack more mouth-watering in my entire life!

But just incase you're not as convinced as I am, this boozy cheese which also has a hint of lemon flavouring, actually won the bronze international cheese award this year. And in the world of cheese, that's one heck of a big deal!

The dairy snack created by Cheshire Cheese Company is described as tasting like "a masterful balance of gin and lemons with creamy Cheshire Cheese which results in a unique and tasty cheese blend."

My, oh my just imagine having a wheel of this bad boy as the feature on your cheese platter at Christmas this year.... Merry Cheese-mas everyone!

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