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6 Iconic Aussie Snacks That Need To Be Brought BACK!

Oh, the nostalgia! 

There are SO many snacks that we used to eat that just don't exist anymore. 

Earlier this year, Australians were utterly outraged when Arnott’s made unfortunate changes to their Shapes flavours - cranking out brand new recipes

Australians collectively complained about the disappearance of these ICONIC Shapes flavours that we knew and loved - and Arnott's listened!

We think it's time to start petitioning to get some of these discontinued items back on our shelves...



(Image: Good Food)

Discontinued in 2009, after 63 years of production. In the 70's the advertising slogan for Polly Waffle was "mmm, crunch, aah!".

In 2009 a new recipe for Polly Waffle was released along with new packaging announcing the change. 

The new product has the same appearance as the original bar, but it contains a more sugary and brittle wafer. Thumbs down. 



(Image: Kraft)

Vegemite on the go? Snackabouts have gone walkabout. Perfect for the school yard, now just a distant dream. You can now get them with 'Cheesybite', but let's face it...they're not the same.



If you think Smith's chips are heavenly, you clearly haven't tried Ruffles. Even Kylie Minogue and the crew from Neighbours were repping them in the eighties. There are rumours that these have made a comeback, but you still won't find these in mainstream supermarkets. 

Quatro Biscuits


(Image: Buzzfeed)

Let's be honest, they don't look GREAT but boy they were delicious with a cuppa. According to Arnott's, sales dropped to a level that meant they couldn't sustain them on-shelf.  There's even a super depressing Facebook page dedicated to these long lost biscuits. 

THE original milo chocolate bar


(Image: Wikipedia)

These bad boys were discontinued in 2003 and according to Nestle, it's not possible to bring them back - they no longer have the equipment to produce them. 

Nestle have replaced 'em with an energy food bar and we reckon they're nowhere near as good as the older version. 

paddle pop mud puddle and thick shake


(Image: Streets Ice Cream Archive)

Summer is coming and how much better would it be with these on board? These cheap and cheerful 90's Streets ice-creams were the BEST. The chocolate flavour was on a whole other level. Can we get these back ASAP?

Tell us which classic snacks you miss? 
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