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Pizza Is Officially Good For You According To Science

Take note everyone, because we’re pretty much giving you permission to go out and grab yourself a slice, heck a whole box of pizza right now! Why? Because according to science, pizza is officially good for you!

A recent study, conducted by psychologist Dan Ariely, has revealed that pizza makes people more productive and can be useful as a motivator in the workplace. In fact, when given the choice people were more motivated by the idea of snacking on a piece of pizza over some extra cash!

According to the study, workers were given the option to their take home $40 bonus cash or pizza for lunch. The results showed that those people who chose the pizza were 6.7% more productive than those who took the money.

I mean, we didn’t really need another reason to continue eating pizza, the delicious factor of the meal does that itself, but at least now we can tell ourselves that it’s doing more for us than just filling our bodies with carbs!

And since it’s obviously in your bosses best interest to do so, we would say that this is permission to hit up your boss for a free pizza lunch this week! Just tell them science says it’s what’s best…it’s hard to argue with that.

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