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Perth Bar Comes Up With Spreadable Gin And Hellooo Breakfast

In a move that could create a loose new category at the Royal Show, comes spreadable gin.

    Frisk Small Bar in Perth has come up with a range of boozy jams and marmalades that’ll make breakfast a helluva lot more interesting… but here’s the thing: you can’t buy them.

    Instead, throughout April, if you rock up to Frisk between 4-8pm every Friday and Saturday and spend over $25, they’ll give you a 100g jar of spreadable gin to take home.

    Whaaaat? How do I get my hands on this? Check out our event on Facebook.

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    They have a choice of three which all contain 5% gin…

    Pineapple and Ginger Marmalade

    Strawberry and Elderflower Jam

    Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade

    During this time, the barkeeps at Frisk will also be mixing the marm into cocktails - the recipes for which will be on the jar, so you can recreate the drink at home... that’s if you haven’t completely slathered your leftover hot cross buns with it first.

    Check out their Facebook page for more info ;)

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