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Milkybars Are Changing Their Recipe After EIGHTY Years

We don't know how to feel about this...

Nestle U.K. have changed the recipe of the legendary white chocolate treat after 81 years.

The confectionery manufacturer say they have now added more milk but are including less sugar.

Milkybars will now contain 37.5 per cent milk, up from 26 per cent, and drop the sugar from 8.3g to 7.6g per 100g.

Milkybars have been part of Aussie kids childhoods for generations now, and who hasn't quoted the classic TV commercial by saying: "The milkybars are on me"???

However, Nestle Australia say our Milkybar recipe won’t adapt to the lower sugar variation because the company is “led by what white chocolate lovers want”.

In March this year, Nestle announced plans to cut more than 1000 tonnes of sugar and three billion calories by 2018.

Ireland Nestle’s Fiona Kendrick said at the time:

“We’ll take every opportunity to improve our products but this can never be to the detriment of taste,”

In March, Nestle announced plans to revamp KitKats by adding 20 per cent more milk, 13 per cent more cocoa and cutting the amount of sugar.

The classic four finger KitKat had 213 calories but the reformulated version will have just a few less at 209 calories. 

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