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McDonalds Have Just Launched A VEGAN Burger

Vegans who LOVED you a Maccas burger, it’s time to get PUMPED. McDonalds are now trialling their very first vegan burger - the McVegan.

Well, at the moment, Maccas in Tampere, Finland is the only place it’ll be available as a trial until the end of November - but if all goes well, we could be seeing them EVERYWHERE.

If, at the end of the trial, the burger is successful, the fast-food chain will make a decision on its future and could be rolled out across more locations, according to Veggie Athletic.

The McVegan is made up of a soy-based burger patty in a bun with all the standard McDonalds fillings – tomato, salad and pickles and comes complete with a vegan McFeast sauce.


One vegan who had previously boycotted McDonalds for 20 years, had this to say: “After boycotting McDonald’s for 20+ years I had to try the new #mcvegan.

And then there were #cinnamonrolls at the uni. Both really good. So hard being vegan, have to eat all the time.

And you can make a meal of it by ordering the burger with a side of chips, which are also vegan, as they’re baked in vegetable oil. Yaaaaass!

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