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If You Own This Cadbury Chocolate You Could Be $50 Richer!

No doubt if you look in the pantry of the average Aussie it’s pretty likely that you’ll find some sort of Cadbury chocolate block.

Whether it’s original, bubbly, fruit and nut or even one of the marvellous creations versions, Cadbury chocolate is quite the popular cheeky snack. Not only is it delicious (especially dipped in a steaming hot cuppa) but it’s relatively cheap sitting at around $5 in the supermarket.

And so with a treat that’s so cheap and common, we certainly never thought that it could be something that would increase in value. But as it turns out, if you own the Cadbury Caramilk block of chocolate it may have just turned into a little investment.

And that is because the choccy has become so rare on the shelves that people are auctioning them off on sites like Ebay for 50 smackeroos! That’s literally around 10 times more than the retail price.

The Cadbury Caramilk chocolate was originally made in Dunedin, New Zealand and was in it’s prime about 20 years ago. The old favourite is said to be a delicious combination of white chocolate and caramel and has just recently made a comeback in grocery stores, selling out completely within weeks of hitting the shelves.

And now, we’ve never tried this flavour personally, but there must be something simply SCRUMPTIOUS about it because people are will to pay a whole heap to get their hands on one of the rare blocks.

And with the limited stock, some savvy people out there have decided to turn the massive demand for Caramilk into a business venture. And by business venture, we mean ripping people who are willing to do anything for a taste of the nostalgic chocolate bar off with a MAJOR mark up.

So if you’re lucky enough to come across even one Cadbury Caramilk chocolate bars we suggest holding onto it. If things keep going the way that they are, these bad boys could be worth HUNDREDS one day. And it’s by far a cheaper investment than buying into a property in Sydney…

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