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Coca-Cola Set To Make A MAJOR Change To Its Recipe

In a massive development for the world's most popular soft drink, the Coca-Cola Company's local bottler has announced they will be making their biggest sellers lower in sugar, following a backlash against sugar consumption and calls for a sugar tax to be introduced.

More than 30 countries including the United Kingdom will have a sugar tax before the end of the year to help tackle the obesity crisis.

Coca-Cola Amatil managing director Alison Watkins said she doesn't believe a sugar tax will improve public health, however the company is trying to reduce the sugar levels in it's products sold in Australia by 10 per cent by 2020.

Ms Watkins said following the company's annual general meeting, 

“We’re doing it either just by making things less sweet over time, gradually, or by using stevia, which is a naturally derived sweetener, to replace some of the sugar,"

“We see a lot more opportunities to come.”

In the past two years CCA had lowered the amount of sugar in Lift by 23 per cent, Sprite by 26 per cent, "Blue" Powerade by 20 per cent and Deep Spring by 26 per cent, Ms Watkins said.

The company was also working towards a lower-sugar formula for Fanta, she said.


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