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Cadbury Now Delivers So Get Ready To Never Leave The House

It’s official. You never, ever have to leave the house ever again.

Cadbury now delivers.

The thing is, while the new Cadbury Joy Deliveries online store lists some pretty lavish-looking hampers and gift packs, we all know what’s really going on here.

While they’re definitely going the 'convenient gift-giving’ angle on this, we all know you’re just going to send Cadbury Joy Deliveries directly to yourself.

I mean, why else would they have single blocks available, right?


Cadbury Joy Deliveries says the site will soon offer mix-and-match chocolate selections, “providing the perfect, hassle-free way to create the perfect chocolate gift.”

Gift. OK. Sure.

BRB, need to order a Cadbury hamper for my ‘loved ones’.

Check the new Cadbury Joy Deliveries online store here…

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