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Guy Says Burger Joint Put Dirt On His Burger, Was Seasoning

A bloke who used Facebook to call out a burger joint for serving him dirt has learned that it was actually seasoning.

This week, a US police officer’s social media post went viral after he said Burger King had sprinkled his order with dirt.

Tim McCormick’s post, which has since been removed, ranted that the burger in a meal he was recently served at a Burger King looked like it had dirt on it but didn't notice it until he was down to the last bite.

He then said he threw out that last bite.

When Burger King got wind of the post, franchise officials were quick to investigate, which involved police reviewing CCTV of his order.  

They found that the ‘dirty’ burg wasn’t actually seasoned with dirt, but actual seasoning.  

Good one, Tim.

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