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Baristas Reveal 5 Things You Should NEVER Order At A Cafe

Australia runs on coffee and, for most people, it's completely normal for the barista at your local java joint to know both your name and your order off by heart.

But not all coffee orders are created equal, and it sounds like SOME baristas are working hard to not roll their eyes when their customers step up to the counter.

So PureWow asked one coffee creator what she herself would never order if she was on the other side of the milk frother.

extra-hot americano

Ordering an extra-hot drink with steamed milk (like a latte, capp or flat white) is one thing but asking for an extra-hot americano? There's no point.

The boiling water used in the machines doesn't get any hotter and, unless they put it in the microwave, your barista can't control the temperature.

And what's the point in paying for a coffee that's been microwaved? 

skim soy latte

Here's something we didn't know: skim soy milk apparently doesn't exist. You're wasting your time!


cappuccino made with almond milk

Obviously if you're drinking almond milk instead of regular dairy it's probably for health reasons, and that's A-OK.

But the point of a cappuccino is to froth the milk in just the right way to create lovely air bubbles, giving you that gorgeous dense foam.

Frothing almond milk definitely doesn't have the same result; it gets thicker, but it'll give you a better latte than cappuccino. 

Something to keep in mind.

Anything off the "secret menu"

The internet LOVES to talk about secret menus; from Starbuck to Macca's, someone will swear up and down that they got the best whatever of their life because they asked for just the right thing, in just the right way.

But outside of those special chain stores? Your regular barista has no idea. 

Actually, since we're on the topic, it's probably pretty annoying for baristas IN those chain stores to make off-menu items.

Stick to a flat white, guys.

bone-dry cappuccino

First of all, a bone-dry cappuccino is basically a shot of espresso and the rest foam. As in, no milk, all foam.

Second of all, WHY IS THIS A THING?!

Apart from being pretty annoying to make, it doesn't make any sense to pay top dollah for, well, nothing really.

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