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Bad News Everyone, Chocolate Might Die Out In 30 Years

Okay, brace yourselves because I have some terrible news. If you thought you could live your whole life snacking on some chocolate then you really won’t like this… don’t panic, but chocolate might be gone within our lifetime! 


It sounds pretty absurd that we won’t be eating chocolate in the next 30 years but once you find out the reason, it’ll make total sense. 

The truth is, global warming and climate change is change what plants we are able to grow and worryingly enough, it’s severely impacted the world’s ability to grow cacao plants. The chocolate-birthing plants only really thrive in humid, almost rainforest-like conditions that are close to the equator. In fact, the Ivory Coast and Ghana produce over half the global supply of cacao plants and cocoa beans alone. 

However, it’s this West African region that will be hit the hardest with climate change as expert models predict the area will experience rising temperatures and droughts. Cacao farmers would be forced to move to higher ground due to dry soil in a worse case scenario, but land further up is extremely limited and protected for wildlife. 

If this were the case, it would cause a huge strain on the global supply of chocolate that’s already under a huge strain thanks to Asia’s recently discovered sweet tooth. 

According to one expert, the world will lose its ability to produce a useable crop of quality cacao as early as 2050! That is some extremely saddening news. 


Chocolate giants Mars, has already taken steps to ensure that if this chocolate doomsday were to come, they would be able to still produce chocolate. The company is doing so by mapping the genetic code of the cacao plant in hopes of creating a genetically modified hybrid that would be able to withstand the effects of global warming. 

Either way, it’s a worrying scenario for everyone concerned. Maybe it’s time to stock up on that precious chocolate before we never get the chance to eat it again. 

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