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Australia, Spearmint Leaves AND Green Frogs Are Back!

This is BIG news, but it comes with a catch for non-sydneysiders. 

Due to popular demand, confectionery company Allen's have announced that they are bringing back both old school fave Spearmint Leaves as well as Green Frogs!

To say we're excited about hooking into these faves from our childhood is a massive understatement!


A pop-up 'Lolly Bar' is setting up at Westfield Sydney for a limited time where they will be selling special limited edition packs.


The store will open on Tuesday November 29, and we hope they've stocked up because we reckon these will be one of the big stocking fillers people will want to buy this Christmas!

It's flippin' fantastic that they're back, but if you live in another're going to have to travel to get your hands on these beauties. OR, hit up your mates in Sydney and get them in the post ASAP. 

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