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AMAZING News From Grill’d Burgers Today

If you love yourself a Grill’d burger, you’ll be VERY interested in their latest movement.

Being an advocate for raising awareness about the cruel confinement of hens in battery cages, Grill’d have ALWAYS used free range eggs since the restaurant first opened more than 13 years ago.

They’re committed to supporting the RSPCA in their efforts to implement change, conversation and awareness - and to stop other restaurants and companies using battery eggs.

They believe is that cafes, restaurants and other food service businesses can play a key role in finally freeing Australia’s 11 million battery-caged hens.


Currently in Melbourne, there’s an installation set up outside the Flinders Lane Grill’d restaurant, giving passers-by the chance to experience the space in which a battery caged hen lives.


What you may not know, is that while many of us are now buying free range eggs in supermarkets, the majority of eggs used in food service are still coming from hens in cages, hens who are suffering in confined space, unable to take part in natural behaviours.

Do your bit, ask for free range!

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