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Aldi Have Released Halloumi Fries And We’re Drooling

If there’s one supermarket that knows how to catch our attention, it’s Aldi. With their hefty discounts and special buys that we can’t seem to say no to, they really know how to tickle our fancy.

And now we have one more reason to shop at Aldi, and it’s got our tummy’s rumbling. After the store revealed that they are now selling their own version of Halloumi fries!

Typically a snack that you would find at a hipster cafe, the humble halloumi chip is a stick of the delicious cheese, lightly coated in a golden, crispy coating and deep fried! Seriously we’re drooling as we stare at our screens right now.


The only bad news here is that the Halloumi fries have only been rolled out in the UK so far. But surely something this delicious will grace our Australian stores once they realise how obsessed us Aussies are with any cheese-related snack…

Until then, I guess our other cheesy treats here down under will have to suffice. And TBH we wouldn’t mind going for one of these burgers dipped in melted cheese right about now!

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