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After 60 Years, There's BIG Changes For Weis Bars

When it's summer in Australia a classic way to cool down has meant heading down to the corner shop and getting yourself a delicious Weis ice cream bar, or if you're really keen, maybe grabbing a box of 8 mini Weis bars instead!

As well as the classic Mango flavor, the Raspberries or Fruito bars have always been a big winner winner in our household!

First sold in 1957 by Les and Val Weis from their corner store up in Toowoomba, the delicious treat has incredibly stayed a family owned business.

Until now.

It's been announced that the iconic Australian ice cream company has been bought out by multinational giant Unilever.

The business is currently run by a second generation of the Weis family and is still made in the company's Toowoomba factory using locally sourced, natural ingredients.

Unilever has revealed that it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Weis, adding it to a portfolio that already includes Streets ice cream and Ben & Jerry's.

Weis managing director Julie Weis said that:

'Our family made this decision because Unilever demonstrated their understanding of our brand, our products and how important our people and the Toowoomba manufacturing site are in ensuring Weis' success into the future,' 

'In addition Unilever's scale will enable greater market access and growth that will provide opportunities for our extended Weis family of staff, suppliers, customers and of course our wonderful consumers.'

Weis founder Les Weis added:

'Val has always said to me 'Business is like a wheelbarrow, it doesn't go anywhere unless someone pushes it' and I think Unilever will give Weis just the push it needs.'

Let's just hope that Weis' new owners leave the classic treat just as it is for us all to enjoy come summer time.

Daily Mail

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