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Not Sure How You Can Land Your Dream Job?

Gaynor Holmes always knew she wanted to work with disadvantaged children and their families.

But with such a demanding role comes intensive training, and Gaynor wasn’t sure how she would chase her calling.

So she pursued a Diploma of Community Services at Chisholm, providing her pathway to university and reducing the time it took to complete her degree.

“The Chisholm course was amazing, the Diploma of Community Services counted towards 1.5 years off my degree and saved me financially, and at a time that I had no networking opportunities, the placement I did through Chisholm led to full time employment”

The Diploma of Community Services is taught by experienced teachers, who are experts in their field. Supervised placements in community service settings enable students to put theory into practice and provide a solid foundation on the path to employment.

Now she’s a Senior Case Manager with a major children’s community agency funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.

“I love the work that I do, it’s extremely varied,” Gaynor says.

“I work with newborn babies and babies in utero all the way through to families. The reward that I get from helping children is phenomenal.”

Gaynor works with up to 10 cases at any time, providing counselling and offering support in the areas of mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and financial assistance.

Her tip for those keen to follow in her footsteps and start a career in community services? Network and make the most of your work placements.

“If you are committed to your placement there is a high likelihood of being offered employment,” she says.

“It is a close network and if you’ve got a good reputation you will have work coming your way.”

Now a mother of three, Gaynor plans to do her Master of Social Work so she can teach case management to the next generation of community services workers.

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