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Kmart Design Makes Kid’s Bed Looks Like It Has SPIDERS In It

Kmart has quickly become the go to place for all things home decor with their on trend items for super cheap prices.

And usually they hit the mark every time. So you can forgive this one dad for thinking that it would be the perfect place to go shopping for his daughters doona cover.

He was wrong...Oh so wrong...

The man's wife, Taylah Devaney, took to Facebook to share photos of their young daughter's bed covering, that at first glance looks quite stylish with a blush pink background and a golden star pattern.

And all is well and good with the sheets...until the sun goes down, the lights are switched off and they turn into the stuff of nightmares!!

And that is because the golden stars turn into very scary and life-like SPIDERS!

"Tonight my husband put our daughter to bed, turned on the monitor & went to sit down," Mrs Devaney wrote on the Facebook page, Kmart Mums Australia.

"Out of nowhere he jumped up with a panicked look on his face & raced to her room."

Mrs Devaney was confused at first, until her husband explained what was wrong.

"See that pattern on the blanket? I thought it was a big black spider in her cot!" he said.

And after receiving a LOT of attention on Facebook, many people agreed with the man's concern.

"I don't blame him I thought they were spiders as I was scrolling through!" one person wrote.

Luckily, the doona set is reversible and the stars/spiders only appear on one side.

But still, after seeing those creepy crawlies I think I would have to throw the whole thing out...


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