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BEND & SNAP! Legally Blonde Stationary Is Now Here!

We can all agree that Legally Blonde is definitely Reese Witherspoon’s most iconic role. The 2001 film has really stood the test of time and people still love to gush over it. 


If your life is a feeling a little bit deprived of Elle Woods right now, you’ll be excited to hear that CNZD have partnered with MGM & Elizabeth Bank’s WhoHaha site to create an amazing range of Legally Blonde stationary! 

The line includes a range of notebooks, pens, and pencils. It also extends further into mugs, caps, pins and shirts. All of the items are inspired by the film and its iconic quotes. 

If you can’t decided what item to get, you can easily grab the Legally Blonde box packed full of a variety of items. Can’t wait any further? Check out the site here.

Bend and snap to it!



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