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ALDI Have Released A Workout Bike For Kids & We’re Not Sure

No doubt you’ve heard of ALDI’s Special Buys, and no doubt you’ve made your way in store to take advantage of at least one of their incredible bargains.

However, we’re not sure how popular this one will be.

Only a few hours ago, ALDI loaded an image to their Instagram of a Fisher Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle. Basically it looks like an exercise bike you can attach an iPad to.

The post is captioned with; ‘The kids like TV but you think they need to stay active? We have the perfect compromise and it’s exclusive to ALDI! Available today.’

So it IS an exercise bike, that also helps them learn at the same time.

To many, that will sound great, and like a useful product when dealing with the obesity crisis in this country, starting with our youth and creating the right habits from the start.

However, others may feel an exercise bike being brought in at such a young age may give the wrong message, communicating that you have to be ’skinny’ and work out to beautiful.

What do you think?

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