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Snapshot of a War

Come, Hear, See,Taste and Feel what it was like for our Diggers-A time of War.

"The War to end all Wars", A time of Innocence lost and experience gained.Places with strange sounding names and a promise of adventure. Come and see a 1916 Talbot Field Ambulance and a Bell tent that contains memorabilia such as an Army Uniform complete with Insignia,a cot,a Billie, Army coat and hat, a bucket for washing in and a bath tub to bathe in.

Hear the music of the era songs like "It's a long way to Tipperary,"How are you going to keep them down on the farm after they've seen Paree", Rose of Piccardy just to name a few. Taste the food from the Trenches-Bully Beef, Sago Pudding,Rice Pudding,Poor Soldier's cake. Listen to the stories of how our Diggers made a name for themselves in the trenches by sitting in a theatrette and watching history. Displays by Scout Heritage Victoria, Broadmeadows Rotary Club, Mens Shed (Craigieburn Branch), Rover Scout Motorsport cars, Will Will Rook Cemetery Group ( cemetery where there are four Diggers that served are buried), a jumping castle and face painting for the children.

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