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Rockwiz's Really Really Good Friday

RocKwiz has always had really, really good Fridays, but in the past they’ve been in a big top at the Byron Bay Bluesfest. This year, we are coming out of the mud and heading to the comfort of the State Theatre stage at Arts Centre Melbourne. RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday will be like no other RocKwiz Live show. It will be more Concert than Kwiz.

Julia, Brian, The RocKwiz Team, Dugald, Tim Rogers, Deborah Conway, Rich Hall, Kitty Flanagan, Daryl Braithwaite and Kate Miller-Heidke will be there. This show will have more music, more comedy and more variety than ever before. As well as performing, our guests will take to the desks to banter with Brian and Julia about Good Fridays and Bad Fridays past and engage in a spot of kwiz business.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal, boiled cod and gluggy white sauce, no visiting friends, Channel Seven’s Dan Webb, compulsory church services, the strange story of a man on a cross... nothing will be sacred.

RocKwiz’s Really Really Good Friday will be a joyous and hilarious Easter event, a big party for everyone who is staying at home for the holidays. A big Friday detention where the teachers get tied up in the broom cupboard and the naughty kids put on a show.

Two hours of variety with plenty of music, comedy, chat and Easter reflections, with a few Kwiz questions thrown in to keep it a little competitive.


Julia Zemiro, Brian Nankervis, The RocKwiz OrKestra, Vika and Linda Bull, Ashley Naylor


Tim Rogers, Deborah Conway, Rich Hall, Kitty Flanagan, Daryl Braithwaite, Kate Miller-Heidke


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