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Launch of Jon Stevens’ new album Starlight

  • Where: Trak Lounge Bar 445 Toorak Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3142 AU
  • When: 7th April, 2017, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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  • Event Type: Music
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Jon Stevens is recognized as one of the most talented rock musicians to emerge from Australia in recent memory. He has had phenomenal success as a solo artist, knocking Michael Jackson off the top of the charts in Australia, and as the lead singer of major rock acts, Noiseworks, INXS after the death of his friend Michael Hutchence, and the Dead Daisies.

In 2016, he joined forces with legendary musician, songwriter and producer Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) to record a new album. The new album Starlight bursts with a soulful artistry and honesty that’s rare and borders on extinction today.

Different as they are, each track on Starlight overflows with feeling, with candour, with an exuberance that comes from being plugged into life. Everything Stevens has survived, learned from, mastered and made leads to this album…

Celebrate the launch of Jon Stevens’ new album Starlight at an intimate launch presented by Trak Lounge Bar. Tickets via TicketMaster.

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